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Divan Tantra in the TV show “Sex-Box” on Channel 4 in U.K.

Divan Tantra in a TV-Show in U.K.

Our Divan Tantra model “Buddha” had a special mission in the TV show “Sex Box” on Channel 4. In this video you can see how a lovely couple uses the kamasutra chair live on set. Afterwords they talk about the new experience.

What’s the programm Sex Box?

Our Divan Tantra Buddha was in the TV-Show Sex Box in Summer 2016. During the show several couples had the opportunity to try the sex chair on the spot. After making love in the big “Sex Box”, which can be seen directly on the set, they share the new experience made on the Kamasutra chair with the audience.

The TV host showed them the Kamasutra positions:

  • Kamasutra position “The galopping horse”: The woman sits on the man. The man sits on the chair.
  • Kamasutra position “The wild man”: The woman lies on the higher curve. The man comes from behind.
  • Kamasutra position “Loving union”: The woman and the man are both in the center of the chair.

Both of them were surprised by the beautiful design of the erotic furniture and it’s special use. After explaining several Kamasutra positions, the couple heads off to enjoy the Divan Tantra in the big “Sex Box”. Inside the box they find a Divan Tantra Venus ready to use for them. While they make love and try whatever thay want on  the chair, the TV show goes on with other reports. As soon as the couple finishes with the act of love a light goes on. Now they are ready to share the new experience with the audience. The interview with them is frank and honest and all the questions get answered.

The TV-Show “Sex Box” suggests to use the chair when you want to experience something new. You can enjoy the erotic chair with or without sex toys. The Kamasutra chair is an original gift for your partner. It’s a discreet sex furniture with a unique design. At the moment Divan Tantra is the world’s largest producer of Sex chairs and is therefore proud of its appearance in the TV program and the many couples who broght a new impetus into their love life thanks to our sex chair.

What do they think about the divan tantra?

They find it amazing. They said that it was much better than they thought it would be. The woman said that she had a lot of space for movement and that the chair would be also good just for reading or relaxing. A great furniture to have. They were asked to compare the chair to the bed and they said: “Much better!” The Tantra chair is an original furniture. It can help you to improve your sex life and to reach new dimensions.

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