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Enjoy a romantic weekend in a Hotel with Spa

In Zaragoza (Spain) in the “Suites rural Carenas” you can enjoy the Buddha chairEverything is developing. If we want to spend a romantic weekend at a hotel or make a holiday, we will first look carefully at what is offered to us. Therefore, more and more hotels, spa’s, or even country inns have rooms with tantric chairs by divan tantra.

What are the advantages of a room with a divan tantra?

Here you can read the advantages of a room with a divan tantra:

  • Forget the everyday routine and let yourself be enchanted by champagne and rose petals
  • A room with tantra chair is perfect to surprise your partner
  • An original gift for the anniversary, for your partner’s birthday or for Valentine’s Day
  • These hotels often offer special romantic packs

All these advantages are decisive for a hotel that wants satisfied guests and also wants to increase the number of guests.

But, what exactly is a divan tantra? A divan tantra is an erotic furniture which is suitable for reading, relaxing or enjoing sex with your partner. The unique curve design adapts perfectly to the body and allows you to reach new dimensions. The chair is also ideal for elderly people, for those with back problems, and also for people who have dificulty in mobility.

Where can you spend a romantic weekend with the tantra chair?

There are different places throughout Europe where you can enjoy the tantra chair:

  • In Zaragoza (Spain) in the “Suites rural Carenas” you can enjoy the Buddha chair
  • The Hotel & Spa Sun Palace Albir in Alicante (Spain) has the Cupid chair
  • In the “Zouk” in Madrid almost all the rooms are equipped with chairs by Divan Tantra.

The tantra chair is provided to the guests. This is ideal for all those who want to try something new, enjoy new positions while still sitting or lying comfortably. With the Divan Tantra, you can improve your sexual experience.

So before you make a reservation for a romantic getaway, ask if the hotel offers rooms with one of your chairs.


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