Manufacturing term

Between 3 / 4 weeks.

If you want the immediate delivery of a divan see our stock at products in stock.

Manufacturing process of divanTANTRA ® 

All the craftsmen of our different manufacturing sections work with great love and commitment to produce each unit using best quality materials.

Here you can see part of the production process of a tantra couch.

Boxes manufacturing


Here we store the foams to cover the divans, the rolls of leftover fabrics and eco-leather, the wood and all the raw materials necessary for manufacturing.

Methods of payment


The wooden boards are precisely cut to give our divánTANTRA® a perfect finish.
We are backed up by more than 30 years of experience.



The structure of the divánTANTRA ® is handcrafted. It is designed to endure and be enjoyed over the years. The wood is palletised and treated. Our expert craftsmen cut each piece with great precision.

Special dimensions

For hotels, depending on the number of divans to manufacture, we can make them in special sizes: wider, narrower. We can even vary the design of a divan to suit the decorator's liking.


All upholstery fabrics and eco-leathers are cut by an automatic cutting machine.
This ensures us to increase the quality and finish of the curvature of the divans.



The divans are sewn with special machines, the needle goes through the thickness of the upholstery or ecopiel making a double seam to increase resistance. More than 200 upholstery options.

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