Pictures of the Buddha Tantra sofa. Upholstered in white DOLCE leatherette.


The Buddha Tantra sofa . . . a work of art in your own home.

The Buddha Tantra sofa is a unique piece of furniture that combines sophistication and ergonomics. It is desinged to improve every aspect of your sexual experience through the discovery of new sexual positions that its sleek curves will help you to acheive.

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A multifunctional pillow!!!

You can use it when you read… when you relax… and when you try new positions with your partner… it’s perfect in any situation.



The Tickler!

The perfect size for starting your journey into the world of sex toys. The ideal surprise for your partner.





A protective cover!

The perfect gift to protect your Cupid or to change its colour, the cover fits your Cupid perfectly and is machine-washable.
Made from 50% cotton, 50% acrylic.



Measurements of the Buddha Tantra Sofa

Length 185 cm.

Width 45 cm.

Height (a) 75 cm.

Height (b) 46 cm.

Upholstery options for the Buddha Tantra Sofa


To see our amazing range of options for the upholstery click here

–  Stain-resistant materials

– leatherette available in a range of colours

–  Personalise your own Buddha Tantra sofa, your unique piece of art.

How long will I have to wait for my sex chair?

As each of our sex chairs is made-to-order, it takes 2 weeks and a half to complete each Divan Tantra to our clients` requests. After this, the time required for delivery depends on the destination. Please read our delivery information to find out more.

We keep at least one sex chair of each design in stock, so if you simply can´t wait to try out one of our sex chairs, email us at to enquire as to the availability and upholstery of the chairs we have in stock.

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