Terms and conditions


The upholstery colors and shades may vary slightly depending on the monitor used.
To place an order the buyer must have a minimum of 18 years.

An order is not final until it is accepted, that is, until the order is confirmed by

The placing of an order to Divan TANTRA implies the acceptance by the customer of these
terms and conditions.


In August, Divantantra´s factory closes the last 3 weeks for vacation, so if you order in
August, the delivery time will be delayed in 3 weeks.he OUTLET items are in stock for an immediate delivery and can be sent over the
course of the month of August.


Chairs in stock:
For hygiene and safety reasons (covid-19) returns are not accepted. If the the chair has a manufacturing defect, see the GUARANTEES section.

Chairs to manufacture:

Our Divan is made exclusively for every customer, it is upholstered in fabric or
imitation leather chosen by our clients (confirmed via e-mail before manufacturing).
Once paid and completed the order:

– It is not allowed to change the upholestry or model.

In case to void it (maximum 15 days from receipt of order), you will lose 20% of
the amount of the purchase.

– In case to void the divantantra, a refund is made within less than 15 days.

Once the chair is delivered to your house, divantantra doesn´t accept returns. In case
you have a manufacturing defect see section WARRANTIES.

Divan TANTRA with special measures:

Chairs with special measures are not allowed to refund or cancellation.


The delivery times indicated by Divantantra are for guidance. However, the delay does
not imply the cancellation of the order or any compensation.

If you see a damaged box due to the transport, the carrier must indicate anomalies in the
delivery note, demanding to sign with you. Any claim motivated by transport damage
should be sent to Divantantra before 24 hours.

If there is something broken in the box, you must save the copy that the carrier gave you
explaining what is broken.

Before opening, you should take a photo with your digital camera to send to
divantantra. Just in case there is something broken in the Divan tantra caused by the
transport agency.

The transport prices are for deliveries to private homes at street level. If you live in a
diferent level than the street, and you want that the agency delivers to your apartament,
it has a supplementary cost. Both cases don’t include unpacking.


It has a total refund guarantee for manufacturing defects of shipping.
Remember that you have 24 hours to make a claim if your order has suffered damage
caused by transportation.


Divan tantra reserves the right to cancel an order for specific causes as lack of transport
to a particular country or reasons beyond our factory. In that case, you will be notified
immediately and returned the money by bank transfer or PayPal.



Divantantra products are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for 2 years. Our
warranty includes postage, labor and repair or replacement of the defective part.

Divantantra returns the product, once repaired:
– A prepaid if it is warranted
– A postage due if out of warranty
– Cash of 90 € (in terms of expenditure verification) if it had not still under warranty

Warranty is void under the following circumstances:
– Shock and/or improper transportation.
– Failure to observe instructions for use and handling.
– Damage due to natural catastrophes such as floods, lightning, earthquakes, fires, etc …

All interventions under warranty will be carried out in facilities Divan tantra seems
The guarantee of our products have full force in the city of delivery of tantrachairs, lost
part of it if the client did a change of address and the new address is found in another
city or country.


Divantantra will not send or manufacture any couch until the Department of
Administration is satisfied that payment has been made.

If you make a transfer from another bank remember that is not effective until 48 hours
have been passed, which may delay your order.

Remember that it is necessary that you indicate your order numbe which will be
provided along with the confirmation when you do the banktransfer.


It is totally normal for the first few days after the product is used to is observe
(especially in the area of use) a trace, or wrinkle slightly sunken area, this is a sign of
proper alignment of the layers of the padding to the body, without entailing means a
defect or failure in the block foaming.

In the model Venus, when it is new, there is a small rise in the central area. This is
because the fabric is without self and tight. It is designed for use with no wrinkles
out easily when the fabric is given him. Using the center will yielding to his natural


– Do not leave objects on the surface permanently.
– Do not use abrasives or solvents such as bleach,…
– Do not drag, hit, or do abuse it.
– Do not expose to direct sunlight.
– It is advisable to stretch wrinkles once you get off the couch, so that they will be
marked less over time.


Divantantra will not be liable for any damage caused by image viewing our website.

Divantantra will not be responsible for any damages arising from the use of this site,
as well as possible damage to people and / or things, or the total or partial loss of data
and information, or expenses and / or losses benefits that may arise from the use of the
products it sells Divantantra.


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